Performance Management: What Science Says Now

Performance management is back at the top of the priority list for organizations, and for good reason. The steady state of the hybrid workplace demands new strategies and approaches. How can we effectively manage performance when employees aren't always physically present? What adjustments need to be made to ensure optimal performance management in this new environment?

In addition, the calls for accountability and psychological safety in the workplace have only gotten louder. Balancing these critical aspects with effective performance management is a challenge that organizations must address.

On this week's episode of Your Brain at Work Live!, join Dr. Emma Sarro and Rachel Cardero to learn how to navigate the complexities of performance management in the evolving workplace.

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Dr. Emma Sarro (2)

Dr. Emma Sarro

Head of Scientific Research

NeuroLeadership Institute

Rachel Cardero - Blue

Rachel Cardero

VP, Consulting and Practices

NeuroLeadership Institute