Asia-Pacific Webinar on April 4th at 1 PM AEDT / April 3rd at 7 PM PDT

CFN webinar 4April24

Why do you need neuroscience to lead?

Neuroscience applied at work has been proven to improve decision-making, human performance, teamwork and change initiatives.

Join our upcoming webinar to dissect the term "NeuroLeadership" which was coined by our Co-Founder and CEO Dr David Rock in 2007. You'll learn how embracing a brain-friendly approach to work can transform your leadership and drive growth.

Zoom live on Thursday, April 4th, 2024

1 - 2 PM Sydney/Melbourne

12 - 1 PM Brisbane

10 - 11 AM Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth

3 - 4 PM Auckland/Wellington

9 - 10 AM Hanoi/Bangkok

11 AM - 12 PM Tokyo/Seoul

7.30 - 8.30 AM India

7 - 8 PM Los Angeles (on April 3rd)


Cian McEnroe

Consultant at NeuroLeadership Institute

Cian has 10 years of experience in facilitating and consulting on leadership, culture change and performance in Europe and APAC.

A psychologist by trade, he is passionate about using psychology and neuroscience to make people’s lives better and is a trusted advisor to ASX 200 and government agencies across APAC.


Leisa Hart (CFN Alumi)

Leisa Hart

Partner at AI Adaptive and CFN Alumni 2017

As an organisational change and transformation capability specialist, Leisa is passionate about a world where leaders and their teams have the tools, the 'how' and the resilience capacity to effectively navigate change and disruption.

She specialises in using science-based strategies (grounded in neuroscience, the foundation of NeuroLeadership and Psychology) to help harness the potential of individuals (through change and coaching capability uplift) and teams to create a culture of high engagement, deep connections and great performance.




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