Your Brain at Work LIVE | Zeitgeist-Proof Your DEI Strategy

In 2020, corporations worldwide voiced their commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In 2023, it's a much different story.

In a world where skepticism and outright hostility toward the very concept of DEI are now mainstream, many leaders and organizations are rethinking and retreating from their DEI commitments—slashing budgets, muzzling statements, and going back to "business as usual".

But this isn't the end of DEI. Or at least it doesn't have to be.

On this episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder & CEO, NeuroLeadership Institute) and Janet M. Stovall (Global Head of DEI, NeuroLeadership Institute) will explore what it takes to zeitgeist-proof DEI. Together, we'll explore how to build objective, measurable strategies that can stand firm in tough times and realize true business impact.


Dr. David Rock

(Co-Founder and CEO, NLI)

Janet M. Stovall, CDE

(Global Head of DEI, NLI)

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