Your Brain at Work LIVE | The Challenges and Opportunities of Learning at Scale in the New World of Work

Discover how to successfully navigate the exponential change of the world of work with NeuroLeadership Institute Co-Founder and CEO Dr. David Rock along with Alyssa Abkowitz, Vice President, Global Product & Content, as they explore intelligent and scalable strategies with performance in mind.

Our latest research on human learning in the digital world will uncover the what fundamentals we should hold onto, while also encouraging experimentation and pushing boundaries of change.

Gain valuable insights into when and how to utilize in-person, virtual, and asynchronous learning as part of an overall strategy, and embrace the future of learning with AI.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain the latest insights in the evolving workplace.


Dr. David Rock

(Co-Founder & CEO, NLI)

Alyssa Abkowitz

(VP of Global Product & Content, NLI)

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