Your Brain at Work LIVE | A New Approach to Doing More with Less: Exploring the Shift to Human Capital Efficiency

In this episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder & CEO, NLI) connects with Becks Port, Ph.D. — the Chief People Officer at 10X Genomics and former Vice President of Human Resources at Netflix — to explore the widespread movement toward human capital efficiency impacting organizations worldwide.

Together, they investigate:

  • The difference between high potential and high performance.
  • Whether or not organizations should strive to consist solely of high-performers.
  • How collaboration can mitigate cultures of fear.
  • How artificial intelligence might change our understanding of performance at work.


Dr. David Rock

(Co-Founder & CEO, NLI)

Becks Port, Ph.D.

(Chief People Officer, 10x Genomics)

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