Your Brain at Work LIVE:

Using Growth Mindset to Build Your Flexible Workplace Strategy


As companies navigate the complex world of hybrid work, our research shows that cultivating a sense of autonomy and fairness across your organization can significantly improve employee commitment and performance.

But while it can be easy to understand this in theory, in practice many leaders find it difficult to adjust to new management habits.

In this installment of our Growth Mindset Series, we connect with leaders from Akamai Technologies to explore how they've harnessed Growth Mindset to build out their global Flexbase talent strategy—providing leaders like you with a true-to-life case study in how to make hybrid work at your organization.


Marshall Bergmann

SVP Corporate Solutions

NeuroLeadership Institute

Michelle Bartlett

Director, Change Management

John Civello
Vice President, Global Real Estate and Workplace Productivity

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