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Approaching the Return to Office: Best Practices



Returning to the office offers a glimmer of hope for some, and a major threat trigger for others. 

Regardless of where we fall on that spectrum, one thing holds true for almost all of us: there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the return to in-person work.

In this episode, Jyoti Mehra (CHRO, Gilead Sciences) joins Frank Gonzales (Deputy Director - ODEO NASA) to discuss key factors to consider in mulling a return, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Jyoti Mehra CHRO, Gilead Sciences (Global Head of DEI, NLI)

Frank Gonzalez

(Deputy Director, NASA HQ Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity)

Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder, NLI)

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