Your Brain at Work LIVE:

Disrupting DE&I: Reconstructing the Path Forward



The past four years haven't just changed where and how we work; we've also seen significant change in how we're thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion. Increasingly, leaders and teams expect workplace cultures where every contributor can speak up, thrive and feel they truly belong.


In this episode, Dr. David Rock is joined by Janet M. Stovall, our newly-minted Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They explore the neuroscience science of DE&I, its historical underpinnings, and how we can harness neuroscience to pave the way forward.


Janet Stovall (Global Head of DEI, NLI)

Evynn McFalls

(Vice President of Marketing, NLI)

Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder, NLI)

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