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Hybrid Work Update: Navigating the Pitfalls of "Back to the Office"



As the weather is getting warmer and COVID-19 cases are low in the US, many leaders are itching to get people back into the office. But should they?

In this episode, we'll share the latest data and insights on the remote, hybrid, or in-office situation. If your organization is on the path to going hybrid or back to the office full-time, watch as we follow the science on how to do it well.

Could there be downstream impacts on employee recruitment and retention? How might a return to office impact equity and inclusion? How might going back affect women in the workforce, or parents that have acclimated to working from home? We touch on these topics, answer your burning questions, and more.


Alyssa Abkowitz (VP of Content, NLI)

Dr. David Rock (CEO & Founder, NLI)

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