Your Brain at Work LIVE: Insights from the 2022 NeuroLeadership Summit (S7:E01)


In the Season 7 Premiere of Your Brain at Work LIVE, Dr. David Rock and John Edwards recap some of the landmark insights that came out of the 2022 NeuroLeadership Summit last week.

These insights include:

•  How to shift from depletive to a regenerative style of managing people

Why empathy is no longer a nice-to-have but a business imperative

• Why to be an ally you have to have an aversion to inequity

• How rapid change at scale is absolutely possible, and more

If you were able to attend the Summit, this session will help you reflect on your insights and deepen your connections. If you missed the Summit, this session will offer a fantastic overview of the key takeaways and indicate where the world of work and leadership may be going next.


John Edwards, CSP (Senior Client Strategist, NLI)

Dr. David Rock (CEO & Founder, NLI)

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