Your Brain at Work LIVE -Compassion Wins at War and in the Office (S6:E09)

Steve Miska, Retired US Army Colonel and Author of the book “Baghdad Underground Railroad,” knows a lot about being in tense and disruptive environments that demand exceptional leadership. Steve spent many years in combat zones working hand-in-hand with Iraqi interpreters — brave men and women who put their lives on the line to provide an incredibly vital role for the US during the war.

Steve joins Dr. David Rock (CEO & Co-Founder, NLI) to share his story and discuss his growth into an empathic leader. Learn how compassion and empathy played a central role in inspiring, working with, and keeping Iraqi interpreters safe during the war and after their service.

We also look at how the lessons Steve learned translate over to today’s workplace. True compassion and empathy can turn even the most difficult times into inspiring and productive ones. Don’t miss this illuminating conversation that’s relevant for leaders of all stripes.


Steve Miska (Retired US Army Colonel; Author of "Baghdad Underground Railroad")

Dr. David Rock (CEO & Founder, NLI)

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