Your Brain at Work LIVE - Power and Expectations: The Neuroscience of Group Dynamics (S6:E08)

When people work together as a team, there are several “group dynamics” that determine how well they’re able to synergize, make decisions, and get things done. The factors that determine whether a team has a positive (or poor) group dynamic include power, relationships, status, fairness, the ability to put the interests of the group ahead of one's own, and more.


In this episode of Your Brain at Work LIVE, Dr. Will Kalkhoff (Professor, Kent State University) joins us to explore the science of group dynamics. We examine the differences between status and power and analyze how leadership, group composition, expectations, and participation inequities can impact decision-making and work outcomes.


Don’t miss this insightful discussion that will make you think about team building and collaboration in a new light.


Dr. Will Kalkhoff (Professor, Kent State University)

Dr. Joy VerPlanck (Senior Insight Strategist, NLI)

Dr. David Rock(CEO & Founder, NLI)

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