Your Brain At Work LIVE | How Allies Unite Widely


As conversations around race, equity, fairness and allyship become essential to a psychologically safe work environment, we will dedicate upcoming episodes of Your Brain at Work LIVE to NLI’s three pillars of allyship. Our “Leadership Now” series unpacks what it means to Listen Deeply, Unite Widely and Act Boldly.

In Part 1 we reviewed the science behind how to run company town hall meetings and listening circles. In part 2, "Unite Widely," Khalil Smith, Dr. Kami Sip and special guest, Dr. Dominic Packer (who studies how social groups shape our identities, our decisions, and our lives at Lehigh University) will walk listeners through the research and best practices behind modern inclusion and shared goals.

Presented by:

Khalil Smith

VP, Conculting, Practices & Research, NLI

Dr. Kamila Sip

Director of Neuroscience Research, NLI

Dr. Dominic Packer

Professor of Psychology, Lehigh University