Your Brain At Work LIVE | How Allies Listen Deeply


As conversations around race, equity, fairness and allyship become essential to a psychologically safe work environment, we will dedicate upcoming episodes of Your Brain at Work LIVE to NLI’s three pillars of allyship. Our Leadership Now series will unpack what it means to Listen Deeply, Unite Widely and Act Boldly.

In part 1 of Leadership Now, Barbara Steel, Dr. Michaela Simpson and Dr. Paulette Gerkovich will unpack the science and art of designing listening circles. Barbara, Michaela and Paula will share tips on how to design and facilitate these insight-rich dialogue sessions. You will also learn from the successes and missteps of the companies that are running these now.

Presented by:

Barbara Steel

Head of Performance Practice, NLI

Dr. Michaela Simpson

Researcher, NLI

Dr. Paulette Gerkovich

Senior D&I Consultant, NLI