Your Brain at Work LIVE | The Science and Practice of Transforming Organizational Systems for More Equity

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How well do you understand the difference between systemic and systematic inequity?  The answer is essential to understanding where we need to focus our efforts when creating more equitable organizations.

In part 3 of our series examining how the habits of allyship impacts equity, we'll be addressing a number of questions:

  • How can understanding the brain help us build better organizational systems where equity is more foundational?
  • What can we learn from general change theory to help support greater equity?
  • Where are the wins in organizations we can learn from, and the lessons learned?

Join our stellar panel as NLI's Janet Stovall (Senior Client Advisor) and Dr. Michaela Simpson (Senior Researcher) welcome Dr. Dominic Packer (Professor of Psychology, Lehigh University) to unpack these questions providing science-informed, applicable guidance to help solve systemic inequity.

Presented by:

Janet Stovall

Senior Client Advisor, NLI

Dr. Michaela Simpson

Senior Researcher, NLI

Dr. Dominic Packer

Professor of Psychology, Lehigh University