What Science Says Leaders Should Do

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In times like these, it’s important for leaders to stay cool under pressure, make the right decisions for all stakeholders, and execute those decisions effectively. But uncertainty lies at the heart of this crisis, so what exactly are leaders to do?

Join our Master Facilitator and Facilitation Lead, Marcia Smythe at 11:00am BST, Friday July 17th, as she examines the psychological impact this pandemic is having on leaders and employees. Marcia will identify the big decisions leaders need to make, how to offset threats and keep people engaged, the opportunities that exist to make virtual work a reliable (and maybe even superior) alternative, and more.

Our research and consulting teams have been working intensely through the question of how science can help. Turns out there are critical habits we need to thrive in a crisis, most of which are the opposite of our natural inclinations. We have spent the last month honing our earlier research in this space, to develop a really powerful solution, designed as a combination toolkit and support group to help us all get through this to help us all focus.

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July 17th
11:00 am - 12:00 pm BST

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Marcia Smythe
Master Facilitator and Facilitation Lead EMEA

Marcia has over 30 years board level experience within blue chip financial services,management consultancy, talent recruitment and hospitality organizations.

She specializes in facilitation to support individuals, teams and organizations through times of change, and is passionate about aligning neuroscience and people development to organizational business strategies, purpose and values.

With over 15 years and 4000 hours of coaching, Marcia is an experienced Executive Coach committed to leadership development and talent growth.