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What 2020 Performance Trends Tell us About 2021

How organizations govern their performance practices, like everything else in 2020, took a number of unexpected turns (to put it lightly). The challenges of the pandemic demanded a more human approach to performance, and organizations responded - the upside of such a tumultuous year.

In our final episode of Season 3 of Your Brain at Work Live, our two performance gurus, Barbara and Rob will review some of the biggest trends of 2020 - from the underrated and absolutely vital check-in conversation, to the huge role bias plays in performance management, and performance’s impact on broader talent strategy.

We’ll look back on these trends, and look ahead to what organizations should prioritize in 2021.

Presented by:

Barbara Steel

Head of Performance Practice, NLI

Rob Ollander-Krane

Senior Client Strategist, NLI