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Building a Just Economy with JUST Capital’s Martin Whittaker


The next episode of Your Brain at Work LIVE takes us to “CEO Corner” with Dr. David Rock (NLI) and Martin Whittaker (JUST Capital). Join us for a frank discussion about how JUST Capital defines “stakeholder capitalism” and their commitment to building a more just economy. 

David and Martin will explore how JUST lifts the voice of the American public to identify the issues that matter most when it comes to just business behavior. Informed by these issues, you will learn how JUST tracks, analyzes, and ranks the largest U.S. companies on their stakeholder performance. They will also identify the specific qualities of leading companies that supported their workers, customers, and communities through the pandemic. And finally, the two CEOs will unpack the actions companies are taking to advance racial equity.

Reserve a spot now to see how JUST Capital is addressing systemic challenges at scale to create an economy that serves all Americans.

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

Martin Whittaker