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The Surprising Power of Autonomy for Improving Organizational Performance

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Autonomy matters more than we think.  After a year that saw many of our choices taken away - who we can visit in person, where we can work from, or even who we work for - we’ve been steeped in a choice deficit.

At General Mills, their goal is to feed the world, and doing so during a global pandemic was a deeply multifaceted and complex challenge. Throughout the year, factory workers went above and beyond to meet the goals of the organization. Rewards were in order.  

At NLI, we have a mantra: “follow the science, experiment, follow the data.” In our next session of Your Brain at Work LIVE, Dr. David Rock (CEO, NLI) welcomes Kristina Morton, (Vice President Human Resources, Supply Chain, General Mills) to unpack how leaders at General Mills experimented with autonomy and rewards and generated great results.

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Dr. David Rock 


Kristina Morton

Vice President Human Resources, Supply Chain, General Mills