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Why Diverse Teams are Smarter but Don't Feel That Way

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If we can accept that a variety of life best suits the sustainability of a natural ecosystem, then why is it so hard to understand that diversity improves business performance? It can’t be from a lack of evidence:

  • An analysis of 506 companies found that firms with more racial or gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits.  
  • 20,000 firms found that companies with more female executives were more profitable.

And those are just a few examples.

It’s clear that diverse teams are smarter and more innovative, but there are a few stubborn cognitive shortcomings that get in the way of progress. This is where we’ll focus our next session of Your Brain at Work LIVE.

Join us as Dr. David Rock, Dr. Valerie Purdie-Greenaway, and Dr. Paulette Gerkovich dig into the science and research that clarify what’s at play, bridging the gap between theory and reality. 

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

Dr. Valerie Purdie-Greenaway

Dr. Paulette Gerkovich