Your Brain at Work Live: The Neuroscience of De-escalation

As Covid-19 became global news in March, NLI launched Season 2 of Your Brain at Work: LIVE to help leaders make sense of the chaos. By Memorial Day, the world was mourning and protesting the murder of George Floyd. It may seem like our world is in continual flux.

Now we’re preparing for Season 3, having had six months to learn about our new reality and the challenges we can expect going forward, both inside organizations and in our lives. In this season, we’ll share the big insights we’ve gained in 2020 and explore how we can build a better normal together.

In this premiere, we welcomed a very special guest: Joe Smarro, one of the two police officers featured in the Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, “Ernie & Joe, Crisis Cops.” We’ve had the privilege of working with Joe to incorporate neuroscience into police de-escalation training programs in partnership with MILO Range.

Joe is joined by Dr. David Rock, co-founder and CEO at NLI, Dr. Kamila Sip, Senior Director of Neuroscience Research who has been instrumental to the project, and NLI's facilitator Davie Floyd.

Watch this recording why this work is meaningful not just for law enforcement, but for organizations too. We’ll also be making an important announcement so be sure to tune in!

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

CEO & Co-Founder, NLI

Dr. Kamila Sip

Sr. Director of Neuroscience Research, NLI

Davie Floyd

Facilitator, NLI

Joe Smarro

Chief Executive Office of SolutionPoint+, USMC combat veteran