Your Brain at Work LIVE | Anti-racism or Anti-bias?

Right now many leaders are asking how they can turn their companies anti-racist—that is, supporting an anti-racist policy through their actions, or expressing an anti-racist idea. It’s an important question, and we should all embrace the intent behind the inquiry. 

Instances of outright racism in mature corporations are, fortunately, relatively few compared to the largely accidental bias that influences so many hiring processes, promotion decisions, performance reviews, compensation decisions, succession planning discussions, feedback conversations, and every other aspect of the employee lifecycle.

So which problem should companies prioritize? Racism or bias?

Join Khalil Smith (VP Consulting & Research), Camille Inge (Consultant), and Ester Neznanova (DE&I Practice Lead) as they help us understand what organizations should address now to create an environment that is truly diverse, fair and equitable.

Presented by:

Khalil Smith

Vice President, Consulting, NLI

Ester Neznanova

Head of D&I Practice, NLI

Camille Inge