Transform Your D&I Strategy


To create behavior change in D&I, many organizations spend money on talent systems, while others focus on leadership priorities and modeling the right behavior. Some prefer awareness training, but tend to overlook the everyday habits of their workforce.

At NLI, we believe priorities, habits, and systems (PHS) matter equally. In this Thursday’s webinar, our D&I and Performance practice leads, Ester Neznanova and Barbara Steel will share how to design and execute on these in equal measure. In addition to PHS, you will also learn about:

  • Diagnostic tools to illuminate your current D&I reality
  • Robust inclusion and bias mitigation frameworks
  • The customizable tools that will sustain the behavior change initiative
  • Roadmap of the engagement
  • How to measure progress and success
  • How the engagement fits within your L&D learning strategy

Watch and find out how you can modernize your organization's D&I efforts now.

Presented by:

Ester Neznanova

Practice Lead, D&I

Barbara Steel

Practice Lead, Performance