Transform Inclusive Behaviors Into Habits


Do you have a diverse organization but you’re still lacking a culture of belonging? Engagement and retention revolve around the idea of inclusivity. Without it, you have a revolving door of talent.  

When it comes to culture, change is possible, and it lies in the everyday habits of your workforce. At NLI, we’re in the behavior change business, and one idea holds true from our research: if you want to change habits, it takes time and repetition. We call it “one habit at a time, over time.”  

Our behavior change data shows real progress happens in 30 days if done correctly.

Join our subject matter experts as they walk you through a product demonstration of INCLUDE. Learn why inclusion is critical for organizations, the science behind how it works, and how you can implement it in your organization and get results fast.

Presented by:

Davie Floyd

Facilitator, NLI

Brandon Dill

Senior Client Advisor, NLI