How to Improve Feedback and Agility with a Growth Mindset

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There has been much discussion about the “what” and “why” of Growth Mindset. Now it’s time for the next step - the “how.”  We recently asked a select group the following question:

“How would you like to utilize growth mindset for your performance transformation efforts?”

Overwhelmingly the answer was to improve feedback and agility.  

In this invite-only webinar, Mike O’Malley (Senior Client Advisor, NLI) and Gabriel Berezin (Senior Manager of Digital Strategy, NLI) will demonstrate NLI’s suggested approach, making the culture change you want into a reality.  

At NLI we define culture as an organization’s shared everyday habits.  On August 22nd we will outline the habits that can transform your culture into one of continuous improvement. Mike and Gabe will spend the first half hour presenting these ideas, and the second 30 mins will become an open forum. 

Presented by:

Mike O'Malley

NeuroLeadership Institute

Gabriel Berezin 

NeuroLeadership Institute