Create a Culture of Feedback That Works

At this point, many of us understand the inherent issues with feedback - the awkwardness, the fact some people’s feedback carries more weight, and that some managers aren’t around enough to give feedback that feels meaningful, among others.

In this product demo, Barbara Steel and Rob Ollander-Krane review how to get this right. Informed by cutting edge industry and neuroscience research as well as NLI’s partnership with Microsoft and Accenture, we’re well equipped to provide your organization with a solution to this age old issue.

Some questions to consider:

Do you have a performance culture that promotes all employees to ask for feedback?

When asked, are your managers well versed in providing useful, critical feedback?

Whatever is the case, you will learn how both can be done at scale at an organization of any size.

Presented by:

Barbara Steel

Head of Performance Practice, NLI

Rob Ollander-Krane

Senior Client Strategist, NLI