The Science All Leaders Need to Grow

Just about every leader wants to create a more positive, flexible, and engaged workplace. So how do you actually make that happen?

According to the research, it all begins with growth mindset.

Join NLI’s Mary Slaughter and Jenny Ray for a webinar that explores the research and theory around leaders helping employees see challenges as opportunities, and mistakes as moments to learn.

In the webinar, we will explore exciting research that unpacks the science of growth mindset and discusses how leaders can champion it, specifically through NLI's scalable learning solution GROW.


April 25th
1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT

Presented By

Mary Slaughter
Head of Culture & Leadership Practice, NLI 

Mary has over 30 years of consultative, thought leadership, and organizational development experience. Prior to joining NLI, Mary has worked for firms including North Highland, Deloitte, SunTrust, Wachovia, Lucent Technologies and AT&T. Having served as CHRO, CTO, CLO, CDO and Managing Director, Mary has developed a deep understanding of the challenges senior practitioners face.

Jenny Ray

Dr. Jenny Ray
Researcher, NeuroLeadership Institute 

Dr. Jennifer Ray studies moral psychology and the science of character development. Her research interests include how priming reasoning versus intuition impacts moral decision-making. She also studies how character strengths can be cultivated intentionally through growth mindsets. Jenny earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from NYU, working in the Social Perception and Evaluation Lab, under Dr. Jay Van Bavel's supervision.