Your Brain at Work LIVE | The Science of Empathy and Allyship and Why it Matters Now


There are over 350,000 google searches per month for the word “empathy.” That’s 50k more than The Beatles. Maybe the song should go “All You Need Is Empathy.” It may not be all we need, but its value in these times is certainly on the rise. Every past guest of Your Brain at Work has underscored the importance of empathy in relation to the pandemic and this historic period of civil unrest.

We also keep hearing that modern circumstances are transforming managers into the leaders we always wanted. They are showing their humanitarian colors, acknowledging professional and personal challenges and struggles in a way that didn’t seem possible in February. This is empathy in action. 

This Friday Your Brain at Work LIVE welcomes Stanford Researcher and author, Dr. Jamil Zaki. Dr. Zaki will help us understand empathy and how it relates to social influence, prosocial behavior and allyship. Join us as NLI’s VP of Consulting, Research and Practices Khalil Smith leads the conversation.

Presented by:

Khalil Smith

VP, Consulting, Practices & Research, NLI

Jamil Zaki, Ph.D.

Stanford University