Maximize Your Diversity by Quieting Bias




It’s hard to imagine a time when workplace diversity has mattered more to so many. Diversity in hiring, leadership, and perspectives is undeniably important, but all too often, our efforts to diversify are stymied. The invisible culprit that halts diversity is implicit bias

Bias is a cognitive shortcut humans developed for survival, but in modern society it is a detrimental blindspot. The good news is that NLI has studied bias for years and we’ve designed an effective mitigation strategy.  

In Thursday’s webinar, Marshall Bergmann and Camille Inge will lead a product demo of DECIDE, the Neuroscience of Breaking Bias. Marshall and Camille will reveal the workplace habits needed to mitigate bias and increase diversity, creating measurable behavior change in your organization. 

Presented by:

Camille Inge

Consultant, NLI

Marshall Bergmann

SVP, Corporate Solutions, NLI