Your Brain at Work LIVE | Talking Allyship and Systemic Racism with Microsoft’s CDO


As large companies are taking a more active role in diversity and inclusion, executive leadership at Microsoft are on the front lines. In this week’s episode of Your Brain at Work we welcome Microsoft’s Chief Diversity Officer, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre to shed light on their efforts.

Join our experts, Dr. David Rock and Khalil Smith as they have a candid conversation with Lindsay-Rae about her experiences during these times of extreme social unrest and change. They will also unpack Microsoft’s approach to allyship, and their actions to combat systemic racism.

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

CEO & Co-Foundeer, NLI

Khalil Smith

VP, Consulting, Practices & Research, NLI

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre

CDO, Microsoft