Navigating the Ups and Downs of Inclusion

Science makes clear that people in power have a harder time including others. Fortunately, there’s also research that offers strategies for avoiding these pitfalls.

Join Khalil Smith (Head of NLI’s D&I Practice), Gabriela Moshonov (Senior Consultant, NLI), and Kamila Sip (Lead professor & Researcher, NLI) for an upcoming webinar on two of the most common issues leaders face around inclusion: raising quiet voices and overcoming the adverse effects of over-inclusion.

Our co-hosts will explore the science and business case for getting everyone to speak up, and for leaders to create more effective email groups, meeting rosters, and project teams.

Taken together, attendees will come to see how practicing the science of inclusion can help organizations accomplish far more, in far less time.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

 Presented By


Khalil Smith
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Practice, NLI

Khalil Smith heads up the Institute's Diversity & Inclusion practice. He brings over 20 years of business experience: specializing in creating a culture of learning and inspiration at Apple Inc., and demystifying group dynamics through the lens of social science as a consultant.



Dr. Kamila Sip
Lead Professor & Senior Researcher, NLI

Dr. Kamila Sip is a neuroscientist with versatile expertise combining the fields of psychology, psychiatry and behavioral economics. She examined the impact of social feedback on risk-based decision-making in healthy humans and those suffering from psychiatric disorders. Dr. Sip’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Danish magazines. She was also invited to write about research for the Scientific American. 


Gabriela Moshonov
Senior Consultant

Gabriela Moshonov is a NLI Consultant and partners with organizations to analyze and evaluate their existing talent processes and strategies and then identify and embed ideal organizational behaviors.  She specializes in diversity and inclusion transformations and culture and leadership change. Her experience spans various industries including biopharma, energy, finance, professional services, manufacturing, and technology.