Webinar | The Microsoft Story: From “Know-it-Alls” to “Learn-it-Alls” with Growth Mindset

Like many organizations, Microsoft has been on a digital transformation journey. This was one of the primary contributing factors that led the company’s CEO Satya Nadella, to hit the company’s cultural refresh button a few years ago. They grounded their “aspire-to” culture in the concept of growth mindset, leading to a renewed emphasis on people and teams.

Microsoft’s goal in this large-scale culture transformation efforts has been to evolve from a culture of “know-it-alls” to a culture of “learn-it-alls”. The change has permeated the whole organization in a variety of ways – from business strategies to behavior and mindsets. In the people space this has shown up in shifts to solutions like Microsoft leadership principles, performance practices, allyship, manager role revisions, hiring strategies, feedback, and many others.

Join Irada Sadykhova, Senior Director of Organizational Development at Microsoft, and NLI’s Director of Industry Research, Dr. Andrea Derler in a discussion about why and how Microsoft based its culture change on growth mindset.

In this interview-style webinar, Irada and Andrea will discuss Microsoft culture and how growth mindset powers it.  This experience will amount to a how-to guide on utilizing the concept of growth mindset for culture transformation at scale, led by one of the industry giants - not one to miss!

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December 4th
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Irada Sadykhova, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Organization Development, Microsoft

Irada's primary organizational responsibility is for culture activation efforts across the company in collaboration with multiple stakeholders and for executive leadership capability building. Irada also provides OD consultations across different business units with primary focus on furthering Microsoft culture of growth mindset, leadership, and complex change.


Andrea Derler, Ph.D.
Director of Industry Research, NLI

Andrea produces science-based and practical insights about humans in organizations. By collaborating with clients, consulting and academic researchers, she conducts quantitative and qualitative research. As a widely publicized researcher she is proud to be a trusted advisor to talent and business executives in Fortune 500 companies. She holds a doctoral degree in Economics (Leadership & Organizations), and a Master’s degree in Philosophy.