Your Brain At Work LIVE - Beyond The Great Resignation: Exploring The State of Discontent (S6:E04)

According to the Department of Labor, a staggering 4 million Americans resigned in July 2021 alone. By the end of summer, there were over 10 million job openings – more than any time in US history.

We believe "The Great Resignation” impacting so many companies is actually the symptom of a deeper problem: what we call “The State of Discontent.” The pandemic and its impacts have left many feeling dissatisfied, socially isolated, and burnt out at work.

In this episode, we examined the driving forces behind this widespread discontent, the tidal wave of resignations, and gave tips on how leaders can weather the storm, reduce employee burnout, and retain talent.


Alyssa Abkowitz (VP Content, NeuroLeadership Institute)

Dr. David Rock (CEO & Co-Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute)

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