Your Brain at Work LIVE | Building Clarity in Uncertain Times

How do you plan for the future when you're more uncertain than ever about what that future looks like? How do we keep each other striving for that finish line when we've lost sight of it in a fog of anxiety, ambiguity, and doubt?

People tend to see change as threatening. We crave certainty and tend to avoid change as much as possible. When we can't, we become focused on all the ways change puts our safety in jeopardy, which shuts down our cognitive functions and kills our performance.

In this episode of Your Brain at Work LIVE, Andrea LaBarbera (Head of Global Talent and Engagement, Zimmer Biomet) joins Dr. David Rock (NLI CEO and co-founder), and Rachel Cardero (NLI Vice President of Consulting) to discuss how Zimmer Biomet focused on their people to continue building their strategic road map, pillars, and guiding principles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic — and how we can learn to become nimble, resilient, and deliberate in the face of uncertainty today.

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David Rock

Dr. David Rock

Co-Founder & CEO

NeuroLeadership Institute


Rachel Cardero-1

Rachel Cardero

VP, Consulting

NeuroLeadership Institute


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Andrea LaBarbera

Head of Global Talent & Engagement

Zimmer Biomet