Your Brain at Work LIVE | De-Escalation: The Most Essential Management Skill of 2021

After more than a year of changing our working, family, and social lives around because of the pandemic, many organizations are now gearing up for a return to the office. While this past year has been stressful to some extent for everyone, and the prospect of getting “back to normal” feels exciting, it doesn’t mean the transition is going to be easy.

Switching back to our commutes, jumpstarting our in-office collaboration, and re-engaging rusty social skills can heighten anxiety and stress. These feelings can lead to increased perceptions of threat in the brain, and potentially lead to escalated tensions or bad behavior.

This is why Brian Uridge (Deputy Director, Division of Public Safety & Security, University of Michigan Medicine), a veteran of law enforcement, corporate security, public safety, and an expert on the topic of de-escalation, views it as the most essential skill for leaders and frontline workers to hone through the end of 2021.

Brian will join our in-house experts on the topic, Dr. Joy VerPlanck (Senior Insight Strategist, NLI) and Dr. David Rock (CEO & Co-Founder, NLI) to discuss ways managers can effectively identify and de-escalate tense situations. Discover why it pays to be proactive with de-escalation and how organizations can equip managers with skills they need.


July 23
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

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Brian Uridge
Deputy Director, Division of Public Safety & Security, University of Michigan Medicine

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Dr. Joy VerPlanck
Senior Insight Strategist, NeuroLeadership Institute

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Dr. David Rock
Co-Founder & CEO, NeuroLeadership Institute

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