Your Brain at Work LIVE | What To Do With Performance Management Now?

It’s been puzzling that in the current environment, some companies are saying “we aren’t doing performance management this year. We’re just going to focus on the work.”

Why would a company eliminate a process designed to increase performance and engagement, just at the time things are monumentally ambiguous and difficult? Now is the time to double down on performance management.

Join us for Episode 2 of Your Brain at Work LIVE with NLI's Head of Performance, Barbara Steel and Senior Client Strategist, Rob Ollander-Krane sit down with our CEO and Co-founder, Dr. David Rock to unpack the key elements needed to get Performance Management right in a VUCA reality.


September 18th
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

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Dr. David Rock
CEO & Co-founder

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Barbara Steel-Circle

Barbara Steel
Head of Performance Practice, NLI

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Rob Ollander-Krane
Senior Client Strategist, NLI

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