Your Brain at Work LIVE | "Aha!" Cultivating Insight at Scale

Organizations that innovate quickly and adapt faster hold a competitive advantage over those that don't. To achieve that, leaders and teams alike need to learn and re-learn at speed and scale. Yet few workplaces are equipped to cultivate insight reliably — and without it, innovation is hard to come by.

In the next episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. Emma Sarro joins Dr. David Rock to unveil the scientific underpinnings of insight generation. Together, they'll walk the community through our "Eureka Scale" model and provide a neuroscience-informed perspective on how organizations can surface the best thoughts and behaviors — fast.


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David Rock

Dr. David Rock

Co-Founder and CEO

NeuroLeadership Institute

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Emma Sarro

Emma Sarro Ph.D. 

Scientific Research Lead

NeuroLeadership Institute

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