Your Brain at Work LIVE | Power, Fairness, and Inclusion: What Leaders Need to Do Now

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This Friday’s “Your Brain at Work LIVE” session will address how organizations and leaders can respond to the extreme tension and pain brought on by the latest string of racial tragedies in America.

Like you, we are watching hourly as events unfold and devastating conflict continues. As a company, NLI will be sharing ways to bring about positive change.  

Every leader has to be mindful of how they show up in organizational, political, communal and familial settings. In Friday’s conversation, participants will learn what science can teach us about why we’re feeling, thinking, and behaving the way we are right now, and how leaders can make a difference with empathy and humanity.

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

CEO & Co-Founder

Khalil Smith

SVP, Practices & Consulting 

Ester Neznanova

D&I Practice Lead