New Research Highlights How to Create Brain-Friendly Leadership Models (North America)

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HR and business leaders typically spend a lot of time and energy on creating leadership models. Often they end up with complex models that lack a clear connection to the business objectives, do not mesh with existing talent systems, and most importantly: seldom influence leadership behaviors. 

NeuroLeadership Institute’s new industry research suggests that detailed, exhaustive leadership models may be ineffective in changing leader behavior. However, leaders do seem to use leadership models if certain conditions are met: if the model is designed in a way that plays to people’s brain capacity, their motivation for action, and the search for coherence with other objectives.

Dr. Andrea Derler, and Dr. Kami Sip, senior researchers at the NeuroLeadership Institute will share and discuss the key insights and related science of the new research, including:

  • Benchmarks for the leadership model design process 
  • Traits of brain-friendly models that leaders actually use 
  • Examples of impactful leadership models

Presented by:

Dr. Andrea Derler

NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. Kami Sip

NeuroLeadership Institute