Your Brain at Work LIVE - S5:E10- New Frontiers for Leaders: Navigating the Hybrid World

New Frontiers for Leaders: Navigating the Hybrid World

Many organizations are preparing for a partial return to the office this fall. However, fears over the growing Delta variant of Covid-19 have caused some alarm for major companies like Apple and Google, who just recently announced they’re pushing their planned returns back. While potential delays may leave some working from home for longer, it’s fairly well established at this point that the future of work is looking like it will lean heavily on hybrid workplace models (some days in-office, some remote).

NLI’s Dr. David Rock, Dr. Joy VerPlanck, and John Edwards provide a “state of the union” on organizations and the transition to a hybrid workplace. What are the emerging big questions facing leaders as they exit the planning phase? Who’s experimenting thus far and what have they learned? How can leaders best navigate the hybrid format—including determining which tasks, collaborations, and learnings are better in-person? What about virtual? We dig into these pressing questions and much more.


Dr. David Rock (CEO & Co-Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute)


Dr. Joy VerPlanck (Senior Insight Strategist, NeuroLeadership Institute)


John Edwards (Senior Client Strategist, NeuroLeadership Institute)