From 'Know-it-Alls' to 'Learn-it-Alls: Microsoft's Growth Mindset Culture (North America)




Like many organizations, Microsoft has been undergoing a digital and cultural transformation. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, hit the "refresh button" a few years ago, looking to anchor Microsoft's “aspire-to” culture in the concept of growth mindset and put a renewed emphasis on the people and teams.

Microsoft’s goal with this large-scale culture transformation has been to evolve from a culture of “know-it-alls” to a culture of “learn-it-alls.” The change has permeated the whole organization in a variety of ways – from business strategies to behavior and mindsets. In the people space this has shown up in shifts to solutions like Microsoft leadership principles, performance practices, allyship, manager role revisions, hiring strategies, feedback, and many others areas.

Join Irada Sadykhova (Senior Director of Organizational Development, Microsoft) and Dr. Andrea Derler (Director of Industry Research, NLI) for a discussion about why and how Microsoft based its culture change on growth mindset. Discover how an industry giant became one of the most valuable companies on earth again by increasing its agility, innovation, and engagement with growth mindset.

Presented by:

Andrea Derler

NeuroLeadership Institute

Irada Sadykhova