Your Brain at Work LIVE - S5:E09- Influencing Innovation: How Bias Hinders Creation, Comms

Influencing Innovation: How Bias Hinders Creation, Comms.

If you have a brain, you have bias. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on how unconscious bias in the human brain impacts innovation. Dr. Lisa Coleman (NYU), Dr. Natalie Byfield (St. John's University), and Janet Stovall (NLI) will examine how bias permeates the systems in which we operate and the products we create.

This esteemed panel will delve into the subjective origins of some things we accept as objective fact. Then, they'll touch on established science, and share what people and organizations can do to mitigate bias—even in the places that we might not expect it.


Lisa Coleman, Ph.D. (Senior Vice President, Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation, New York University)


Natalie Byfield, Ph.D. (Professor of Sociology, St. John's University)


Janet Stovall (Senior Client Strategist, NeuroLeadership Institute)