Webinar | How HP Transformed into a Culture of Innovation

In November 2015, HP was faced with a unique opportunity to reinvent its culture.  

The company had just split from its parent company, the HewlettPackard Company, which boasted a market cap of roughly $50 billion. Today, after three years of growth, HP alone is worth approximately $30 billion. Its stock has almost doubled since early 2016 and employee engagement is up 22% between 2016 and 2018.

According to HP leadership, much of that success is due to a relentless focus on growth mindset and leadership principles that foster — not impede — a culture of innovation.

During an October 29th webinar, Mike Jordan (Global Head of People Development, HP) and Mary Slaughter (Executive Vice President, Global Practices & Consulting, NLI) will share how HP got there. Mike will take us through the challenges the company faced; share how the company overcame them; offer testimonials from managers and employees alike; and reveal fascinating data showing the impact.

If you want to learn about culture change that generates real, bottom-line results, listen to this industry giant tell its story.

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October 29th
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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Mike Jordan
Global Head of People Development, HP

Mike has been working with companies for more than 20 years to transform their approaches to development, leadership and culture. At HP, Mike and his team have transformed the function of people development, including the implementation of a social learning platform, as well as reinventing how talent, career and performance management help shape a culture of innovation.


Mary Slaughter
Executive Vice President, Global Practices & Consulting, NLI

Mary has over 30 years of consultative, thought leadership, and organizational development experience. Prior to joining NLI, Mary has worked for firms including, Deloitte, SunTrust, Wachovia, Lucent Technologies and AT&T. Having served as CHRO, CTO, CLO, CDO and Managing Director, Mary has developed a deep understanding of the challenges senior practitioners face.