Webinar | How Cigna Created an Organizational Growth Mindset

The marketplace is constantly evolving. Customers’ needs are constantly changing. In this environment, Cigna's workforce needs to think fast, be flexible, and bring products and services to market rapidly. In other words, they need to innovate and deliver differentiated value to the marketplace. 

Improving corporate agility represents not just a new way of working across Cigna, but a key to ensuring they remain competitive in the marketplace and an enabler to their next chapter of growth. Cigna continuously builds these capabilities through feedback, and frequent quality conversations powered by the concept of growth mindset.  

Join Karla Shores, Performance Management Director at Cigna and Andrea Derler, NLI’s Director of Industry Research in a discussion about how Cigna utilizes a growth mindset to build an agile organizational culture.

In this interview-style webinar, Karla and Andrea will discuss how Cigna utilizes the concept of a collective growth mindset to:

  • Help employees become more comfortable with change
  • Enable employees to continuously learn 
  • Systematically embed growth mindset into talent processes such as performance management, talent development, talent acquisition, and coaching

This webinar is a how-to guide on building an agile mindset lead by a company deeply committed to the customers and clients it serves - not one to miss!

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November 14th
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Presented By


Karla Shores
Performance Management Director, Cigna

Karla Shores, Performance Management Director at Cigna, is a professional with 19 years of human resource experience, all within the learning and performance area. She has notable experience in training and development, instructional technology and design, career development, and project management.  Ms. Shores works with professionals throughout the organization to help them understand the strategies they can employ to embrace a growth mindset.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Bloomsburg, PA).


Andrea Derler, Ph.D.
Director of Industry Research, NLI

Andrea Derler, Ph.D. is Neuroleadership Institute’s Director of Industry Research where she produces science-based and practical insights about humans in organizations. By collaborating with clients, consulting and academic researchers, she conducts quantitative and qualitative research. As a widely publicized researcher she is proud to be a trusted advisor to talent and business executives in Fortune 500 companies. She holds a doctoral degree in Economics (Leadership & Organizations), and a Master’s degree in Philosophy.