How Brain-Based Coaching Will Change Your Career (North America)



The field of “neuroleadership” has been growing for more than a decade, ever since Dr. David Rock coined the term in 2007 to create a new language for leadership.

In an upcoming webinar presented by Gabriel Berezin (Education Consultant, NLI) and moderated by Chad Vamos (Education Consultant, NLI), you will learn about the Brain-Based Conversation Skills workshop and Brain-Based Coaching Certificate program.

Chad and Gabe will review:

  • Why you should attend
  • What you will learn
  • Who typically attends
  • Accreditation 
  • Schedule of upcoming intake dates and locations

Discover how understanding the brain can give you the skills and tools to become an effective workplace coach or manager.

Presented by:

Gabriel Berezin

NeuroLeadership Institute

Chad Vamos

NeuroLeadership Institute