How Brain-Based Coaching Will Change Your Career

The field of “neuroleadership” has been growing for more than a decade, ever since Dr. David Rock coined the term in 2007 to create a new language for leadership.

In an upcoming webinar presented by Gabriel Berezin (Education Consultant, NLI) and moderated by Chad Vamos (Education Consultant, NLI), you will learn about the Brain-Based Conversation Skills workshop and Brain-Based Coaching Certificate program.

Chad and Gabe will review:

  • Why you should attend
  • What you will learn
  • Who typically attends
  • Accreditation 
  • Schedule of upcoming intake dates and locations

Discover how understanding the brain can give you the skills and tools to become an effective workplace coach or manager.

Free Webinar

January 23, 2020
1:00 pm - 1:45 PM (EST)

Presented By


Gabriel Berezin
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Education Consultant

Gabe has an undergraduate degree in cognitive neuroscience and is a six year veteran of the NeuroLeadership Institute.  He is an expert in NLI's learning frameworks, the underlying research and its focus on individual and organizational growth. 


Chad Vamos

Education Consultant

Chad earned an undergraduate degree in human resources before completing a masters of science in management with a concentration in strategic leadership.  He joined the NLI to help people like you learn more about the different education opportunities.