Operationalize Growth Mindset at Your Organization (North America)



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In this invite-only webinar, we’ll show how your company can do the same using a growth mindset. Join Mike O’Malley (Senior Client Advisor, NLI) and Gabriel Berezin (Senior Manager of Digital Strategy, NLI) as they demonstrate NLI’s distributed learning and behavior change solution, GROW.  

At NLI we define culture as an organization’s shared everyday habits.  On December 11th we will outline the DNA of culture change and the habits that can transform your culture into one of agility and resilience.

What are your challenges and success stories with a growth mindset?  

Learn how NLI can partner with your organization to operationalize a growth mindset. 

Presented by:

Mike O’Malley

NeuroLeadership Institute

Gabriel Berezin

NeuroLeadership Institute