Growth Mindset Idea Exchange: Leading Effectively Through Change

This September, we will be sharing research on “Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets” and showcase how a simple change in thinking, can empower your employees and even set them up for greater success.

Idea Exchange Purpose:
To share the latest insights from NLI's industry research, and encourage discussion and networking amongst peers in attendance.

Idea Exchange Discussion Points:

  1. How might companies be operationalizing Growth Mindset? What led them to focus on this topic? We will share industry report findings that anchor to organizational changes: like “Digital Transformation” various changes to culture change initiatives, and the evolution of Performance Management.
  2. What are some common myths about Growth Mindset?
  3. How is NLI helping companies embed Growth Mindset research into their culture change initiatives (i.e. our product GROW)

Join NLI’s Andrea Derler, Ph.D. Director of Industry Research and Natasha Beach, Senior Client Advisor, RJ Cheafsky, Senior Client Advisor, and Morgan Carroll, Client Advisor, as they explore some of the research and theory behind organizational growth mindset– what it is and how leaders can recalibrate systems and encourage people to champion it.

Date / Time
9am-11am EDT, Breakfast included

New York

Dates TBD


Dates TBD




Andrea Derler, Ph.D.
Director of Industry Research


Natasha Beach
Senior Client Advisor


RJ Cheafsky
Senior Client Advisor


Morgan Carroll
Client Advisor