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Imagine it: you’re in a room, surrounded by 100 leaders of talent and executives facing the same challenges as you, working together to answer some of the highest-stake questions and problem solve through the stickiest challenges an organistion may ever face: how to truly create a culture that drives your business results.

Join NLI in London this June as we convene senior leaders to unpack how they've reached success in today's most pressing talent opportunities. Expect detailed case studies, candid conversations, meaningful professional connections, and concrete actions for applying the science.

Cost: Free Event
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Arrival and Registration: 8:30AM
Event Program: 9AM - 4PM


The Essential Habits for Today's Leaders

What are the essentials to accelerate leadership effectiveness? Regardless of the business situation, there are a set of key opportunities - and risks - that leaders must gain clarity on due to the mere fact of being in leadership positions. Awaken to those, and unlock your potential, and that of your organisation.

  • How can you reduce the exhaustive to the essential?
  • What are the 3 most critical areas of focus leaders need to be reminded of?
  • What’s the secret to building leadership habits that result in lasting behaviour change?

Why Feedback Matters

Many organisations are shifting to more modern and continuous forms of performance management. There is no “one size fits all” model and every organisation has its own approach. However, there is one thing we all agree matters - quality conversations. This session will highlight a deep dive into feedback, one of the most important conversations to help us navigate a complex and uncertain future.

We will share important research data about what really happens when we give or receive feedback. When done right, creating a culture of feedback can be a key ingredient to helping organisations innovate and not just a tool for performance management.

  • What does science tell us about the best way to approach feedback?
  • What are the guiding principles to create a culture of feedback?

Learning that Works

How can we better design leadership development and change initiatives?

Learning initiatives often fail to live up to the name - with low retention, let alone the development of skills or changing of behaviour. Learning that works takes advantage of what brains want, like making room for insight, keeping the experience social, and ensuring coherence throughout the whole process. Join us for a compelling conversation on how scaling knowledge can grow leaders across an organisation.

  • How can we create useful learning opportunities for ourselves and others every day?
  • How can we satisfy employees’ need to learn both quickly and efficiently?
  • What turns learning into behaviour change?




Mary Slaughter

Executive VP of Global Practices and Consulting
NeuroLeadership Institute

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Jay Van Bavel, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology 

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Beth Jones
Senior Consultant 
NeuroLeadership Institute

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