Coronavirus: What Science Says Leaders Should Do


The coronavirus is rattling markets and whipping communities into a frenzy. In times like these, it’s important for leaders to stay cool under pressure, make the right decisions for all stakeholders, and then execute those decisions effectively. But uncertainty lies at the heart of this crisis, so what exactly are leaders to do?

Join Dr. David Rock, Dr. Jay Van Bavel, and Dr. Kamila Sip as they examine the impact our ongoing health scare is having on leaders and employees. Our hosts will identify the big decisions leaders need to make, how to offset threats and keep people engaged, the opportunities that exist to make virtual work a reliable (and maybe even superior) alternative, and more. Don't miss this important webinar

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

CEO, NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. Kamila Sip

Director of Industry Research, NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. Jay Van Bavel

New York University